Our firm helps clients who have suffered traumatic injuries or death of family members caused by others’ negligence or recklessness. We protect our client’s rights from the initial investigation of the accident, through trial or settlement of their claims.

Even though you will not see our attorneys on billboards, our attorneys have achieved justice for many clients, including multiple One Million dollar settlements/verdicts, in some of the following areas of personal injury practice

    • car, motorcycle, truck, ATV, boat and snowmobile accidents
    • construction site accidents
    • slip and fall
    • defective products

Our firm has represented numerous clients establishing business entities with the formation of corporations or limited liability companies (LLC). Our attorneys provide legal advice to business clients, and prepare their business policies, procedures and contracts. Further, our firm represents clients on their business sales, mergers, acquisitions, labor issues, customer disputes, or other business claims. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses don’t always work out and we represent clients in their business dissolutions and resolve by negotiated settlement or litigation. We litigate business claims when agreements are breeched or expectations are not met, sales, purchases and mortgages (residential & commercial).

What has evolved over the years into one our firm’s main areas of practice is residential and commercial real estate sales, purchases and mortgage financing. Our attorneys, along with our paralegals, handle real estate from the pre-sale or pre-purchase advice, negotiations, (with or without a realtor involved), contract preparation or review, title work, bank financing coordination, through the ultimate closing.

Our real estate practice is generated from repeat representation of previously satisfied clients, referrals from prior clients, realtors or bankers. Referrals from clients, realtors and other professionals demonstrates our clients’ satisfaction with our firm’s timely and professional legal representation on real estate transactions.

We are title closing agents and examining counsel for many title insurance companies and bank mortgage lenders.

Our firm employs two full time paralegals devoted solely to handling the buying, selling and financing of real property.  In addition to handling such matters for individuals and corporate entities, we represent a number of lenders as bank counsel.

We represent a number of municipalities either as general or special counsel.  Mr. Bennett is a virtual book of knowledge in the in and outs of municipal law.  We have also represented many land owners, prospective land owners and developers providing assistance in the permitting and land use issues that frequently arise.  Our experience on both sides of the issues is a real plus for our clients.

Our attorneys handle all matters pertaining to client’s estate planning. We draft and witness the execution of our client’s wills and trusts to carry out their estate planning. Upon death, our firm handles the estate probate or trust distribution process with the Executor or Trustee. For those estates of decedents who died without a will, we represent the Administrator in the Surrogate Court Administration of the estate.
In addition, we advise our clients of the need to appoint a spouse, family member or trusted friend to handle their financial and medical affairs should they become incapacitated due to accident or illness. We prepare a Health Care Proxy (for medical decisions) and a Power of Attorney (for financial affairs) for our clients. For those clients who want to give their Health Care Proxy directives, we prepare Living Wills.

Our practice in Matrimonial and Family Law areas has been substantial over the years.  Unfortunately issues that arise in these areas touch many families at one time or another.  With the recent Legislative changes involving “No Fault” divorce it is expected that more divorce actions will be commended.

If you need real solutions in a divorce or any other family law matter, you can trust the experienced lawyers at Bennett, DiFilippo & Kurtzhalts, LLP to provide high quality, compassionate and experienced representation.  We can help you find answers to a full range of family law issues.

With decades of experience protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families in the East Aurora area and across Erie, Cattaraugus, and Wyoming counties, and those with New York State family law concerns, our attorneys understand that clients don’t want to hear excuses – they want results.  That’s why thousands of people have turned to Bennett, DiFilippo & Kurtzhalts, LLP for quality service, sound advice and practical legal help at a reasonable price.

We’ve proudly earned our reputation one client at a time.  Our approach is simple:  When you focus on the solution, the problems take care of themselves.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Given the emotional, financial and legal impact of a divorce on you and your family, we work closely with you through every step of the process and even prepare you for life after divorce; and as hard as it may be to believe, there will be life after your divorce.

We discuss and explain how your taxes, credit rating, health care benefits, retirement plans and other matters will be affected.  We take steps to protect your rights and ensure you aren’t saddled with a divorce settlement you’ll regret in the long run.  We are prepared to negotiate, but are also aggressive litigators fighting for you, especially when the division of debt, marital assets and custody issues are involved.

Our firm has had a substantial practice in Criminal Law ever since inception.  This includes work in the Local Criminal Courts, the Superior Courts as well as investigative and grand jury representation.
Individual areas of greatest concentration include Drinking and Driving offenses, other vehicle and traffic matters, theft, assault and property crimes.  Retaining an attorney as soon as possible is always in the best interests of the accused.  It is the Constitutional right of each and every person to have legal representation at the critical stages of all proceedings. Call us if you find yourself accused of a crime.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Bennett, DiFilippo & Kurtzhalts, LLP, in East Aurora, New York can help you take control of your finances after you suffer a financial setback.  Our lawyers have been practicing bankruptcy law for a combined total of over 40 years.  We can provide you with the counsel and advice gained by years of experience, helping you to gain freedom from debt.

We practice bankruptcy law, providing our client’s with experienced legal services for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Our office has extensive experience in working with individuals as well as businesses facing bankruptcy and developing debt reorganization plans.  We represent debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

You may have heard friends, co-workers, or news commentator discuss recent changes in bankruptcy law.  If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is important to make informed decisions.  Most people who qualified for bankruptcy under the old rules still qualify for federal bankruptcy protection.

Bennett, DiFilippo & Kurtzhalts, LLP.